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St Cuthbert's Clungunford

Friends of St Cuthbert’s Newsletter

November 2013

The New Servery-3
The New Servery


Apologies for the delay in updating this Newsletter... great things have been happening but illness has prevented the dissemination of the good news.

The Easter Service was able to be in St Cuthbert's because the building works were finished (apart from the inevitable "snagging") And, of course, many other Events have happened since then. We had experienced church architects (Caroes), good builders (Sneads) who kept their promises and there were only minor hitches over a door opening for the Servery and the church boiler, which turned up its toes at the thought of more work!

Sandra worked ceaselessly to get the building organised and completed on time. The scheme was first thought of 18 years ago and was completed in 2013. We JUST managed to raise the money on time too, though that was a struggle in these tough times. Nevermind - it was achieved - with help from very generous individuals, a few welcome charitable donations and some from the Friends!

The Tower Room
The Tower Room

So fourteenth century St Cuthbert's is functioning as a fully operational twenty first century meeting place, ready for use by all for secular and religious purposes. It has a large light nave, a wonderful accoustic and organ and a good sound system for other sorts of music. There are 2 toilets (one disabled), heating and hot water and a servery within the Nave so that there is no need for crashes between coffee trays on the way from the Tower Room. That room is available for hire as a small cosy Meeting Room, while the whole building can be hired for larger events. There are many comfortable chairs and more on the way.

Everyone I have spoken to is pleased with the appearance of the new construction which fits in well with the mediaeval architecture and does not dominate. The best thing to do would be to come and look for yourself. The church is open from 9am until dusk seven days a week - so look in and imagine what you would like to use the building for. Everyone is welcome!

Fiona Barratt

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