Friends of St Cuthbert's Church
Clungunford, Shropshire
Patron: Sir Roy Strong
St Cuthbert's Clungunford

The Future

Caroe and Partners with Stainburn Taylors. Plans for the developments at the back of the church

After careful maintenance in the last few years, the fabric of the building is now in good condition, although it obviously will require attention at times in the future and there will always be running costs. Buying the ghastly portaloo enabled us to experiment and welcome a wide range of events to the church. We found that St Cuthbert’s was extraordinarily successful as a centre for events for the whole Clun Valley so we are confident about future developments.

The Friends’ fundraising preoccupation is for Facilities at the back of the nave (two Toilets , Storage and a Servery ),to bring the building up to 21st century standards and for improvements to the Tower Room to make it suitable for preparing food and for use as a small, cosy Meeting Room.

Permission for these is granted and we have received encouragement from the Diocese for our project, which will be run through the PCC.

The new facilities block will stand just clear of the fourteenth century internal walls so no damage will be done to the medieval fabric.

We are very lucky because we have been pledged a wonderful donation by our American Sponsors, Professor Jim Wilkes and his wife, Mary Ann, which gives us a really good springboard from which to start our fundraising in earnest.

Once the new building is achieved, the Friends have plans to expand further St Cuthbert’s use as a Cultural Centre, especially for music, and also, building on the success of the Holiday Club, for a Young People’s Forum in a rural area. We have just received a grant to get video equipment to start off this youth project and one of the young mothers is already collecting ideas for a monthly evening in the church for young people (of various ages) to gather for activities, music dancing etc.

Also, once the new Facilities have been completed at the back of the nave, the building will be available for outsiders to hire for events – workshops, concerts, festivals and the like.

Please help us to raise money for this project by filling in a Gift Form. There will be a Friends’ Roll of Honour in a Book kept in the church, in which all donors will be recorded, however large or small their donation. At events in the church there will be the possibility of giving a “brick”, which can cost anything from £5 to £10,000!

We have enough funds to go ahead with the building works now but we still need to raise money for equipment, stacking chairs etc in order to provide a really welcoming and enticing space. Would you like to give a chair?"

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