Friends of St Cuthbert's Church
Clungunford, Shropshire
Patron: Sir Roy Strong
St Cuthbert's Clungunford

Friends of St Cuthbert’s

The Friends of St Cuthbert’s is a group of people who have the continuing use and conservation of this lovely fourteenth century building at heart. Our aim is to ensure that it continues to be used by the whole community and neighbourhood in a way which is relevant for the twenty first century. The knowledge of how it has been at the centre of village life for the last 700 years inspires us to make certain that it moves forward in the present century. This means that, in a global culture, it looks beyond parish boundaries and shares its loveliness with people from far and wide, without loosing its’ own very special character as the medieval heart of Clungunford.

The Friends scheme was founded after a unanimous vote of the PCC in favour of the idea in the summer of 2011.

Friends receive:

  • A regular Newsletter by e-mail.
  • News of future events in the church
  • Friends and Donors names will be recorded in a fine leather book which will be kept in the church once the alterations have been completed
  • The ability to add pieces to the website through the Member’s Forum (send an e-mail to and send your piece as an attachment).

Why become a friend?

  • Feel part of a group caring for this ancient building
  • Help to keep the church open and full of life
  • Help provide facilities to enable wider use
  • Help with ongoing maintenance.

If you would like to make either a one-off gift or to become a Friend click here to find the means of doing so.

*All money raised through the Friends scheme is used for the maintenance and improvement of the building, its surroundings and activities. It is not used for religious services.

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